Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bar Harbor Real Ale

Atlantic Brewing Company
Today I'm drinking Bar Harbor Real Ale brewed by Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, Maine. Except for the name of the beer and color scheme, the label is the same as another beer of theirs I recently reviewed. That includes the maximum Best Before Year of 2010. Oh well. I looked around online and found out this is a Brown Ale, for the record.

Malty and nutty aroma with just a hint of cocoa. Malty flavors to start as well. Some lightly toasted bread accompanies a mostly earthy and dirty flavor profile. Roasted nuts and stale, flat coffee round out an all-around weak flavor profile. Some fairly harsh bitterness swallows those initial shallow flavors and kicks them to the curb just in time for a thin and unpleasant finish and aftertaste. I wouldn't!

This beer came back from my coworker's recent Maine vacation. I know the picture isn't great, but I didn't want to publish a photo of his teenage daughter. Deal with it!

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