Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coal Porter

Today, one of my coworkers brought me home five beers from his vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. I guess he was happy for the airport drop off and pick up! LOL. I had asked online friend Chad if Maine had anything to offer in the way of beer. Surprisingly, right down the road from the house my friend had rented was the recommended Atlantic Brewing Company.

I didn't ask for any particular beers, but one of the ones that came home was Coal Porter. Like the name? The label is very simple, with a small picture of a ship navigating through some rocky, rough seas. Best Enjoyed Before... Well nothing is notched, and 08 09 10 are the only year options, so I guess they made more labels than they sold bottles of this beer during that expected time frame.

Cocoa aroma with a roasted and nutty background. So creamy and smooth, what a silky texture. Initial roasted coffee flavors strongly dominate everything else, with a pleasant bitterness abounding. Secondary flavors are very weak. Maybe a little cocoa and some light citrus hoppiness poke through, but that's about it. The flavors are nice. Body is low-medium and carbonation is low--I could have used a little more of each. A little more sweetness would have also been heartily welcomed as the bitterness started to be a small drag on the flavors by the end.

So to continue with their name game here, Coal Porter certainly was smooth. But Coal Porter was not nearly jazzy enough! Check it out when in Maine or where it's distributed.

Bar Harbor All Natural Smoked Wild Kippers, 6.7-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Rebels Without Applause -- The Coal Porters


shelby said...

I'm going to be up in Maine next week! I'll keep an eye out for this!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Shelby. Give it a try. There are plenty of options there. Allagash might be the most famous of them. Let me know.