Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Divide Smoked Baltic Porter

Today I'm drinking Great Divide Smoked Baltic Porter brewed by Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. You need to look carefully at the label; otherwise you'd miss that the main background for the beer name is actually smoke from a tiny campfire at the bottom of the Big 22 label. Not sure it would be worth the added cash to make the fire a bright red-orange, but that would have kicked ass!

The label calls this beer Regal and Sultry and tells a story about the smoked malt used for the beer. Suggested food pairings are also included, as usual. The cap was covered with a black foil. Bottled on: July 14, 2011.

Good head. Nice chocolate and smoky aroma, very inviting. Smoky malty flavors start things out, a bit smoother and thinner than expected. Sweet malty chocolate flavors meet some roasted bitter coffee for a nice balance. Hints of vanilla and perhaps a little nuttiness come and go throughout as well. The silky texture is awesome. You finish with a little tang that makes your tongue dance a little.

Medium body, could have used a little more. Carbonation is low but not absent and it's just fine. And while the smoke is present, I am happy it's not all in-your-face ashy campfire BS. This is a really nice beer that actually grew on me so much over the course of drinking all 22 ounces that I could have had another. Don't drink it too cold, either. These guys are all about the pairings, but I can totally see this paring with a shot or glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label. The peaty, smoky, malty matchup would be spectacular! Get this beer today.

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