Monday, August 8, 2011

Japanese Green Tea IPA

Oh I picked the perfect beer for today. It goes perfectly with the rant that Mike did over on his Mike Loves Beer Blog a few days ago! The beer I picked is Japanese Green Tea IPA, a collaboration between Stone Brewing, Ishii Brewing and Baird Brewing, with profits benefiting Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. The bottle has a great decoration and presentation; bottle printing was donated by Ceramic Decorating Company and the glass was donated by Owens Illinois and California Glass Company.

From the very first glance, you will notice the theme of the beer is Collaboration. First this is a Stone Collaborations 2011 beer. When you spin the bottle 180 degrees, you will see a beer-centric definition of Collaboration--A celebration of the community and culture of craft brewing.

So why did I say it pairs perfectly with Mike's post? Because the story on the back of the bottle talks about the awesome craft beer community, coming together in support of the Japanese people that have suffered mightily in the past several months. Mike talks about the awesome beer community too, but that there are a few selfish people trying to infiltrate the tribe and that it's time to take a stand against the "Me"s. After all that, I hope the beer is good! LOL.

Nice head for those of you that like head. Bright and sharp lemony scents hit the nose first, but that is softened by a more tropical pineapple aroma. Some herbal tea is also present in a nicely complex and inviting aroma. A pungent hoppy bite hits the palate right away. Lemon and citrus and pine flavors combine for an initial bitter wake up call. Some tropical fruity balance comes next and works very well with the initial bitterness.

Now there is an aura of tea flavors to this beer, like a halo surrounding a normal big IPA, but not interfering and rather standing guard. Cool huh? Spicy black pepper nips and prickly carbonation come out in the middle. The 9.2% alcohol is a warming flavor enhancer throughout the entire experience. The finish is dry and the flavors left behind are minty and bitter. Complex and interesting. Grab one if you can. I liked it!

Ito En (Oi Ocha) Japanese Green Tea, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

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Patrick said...

This was another beer I had out at a bar and couldn't really blog. Seemed to have an intense flinty bitterness with a good deal of body. Big IPA.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Stone's IPAs have a distinct flavor profile, this one no exception. But it did seem to have a little interesting extra, didn't it?