Thursday, August 18, 2011

July 2011 Top Five

July was busy. I started off the month with two guests. The Drink Matron did a review of Sink the Bismarck, and Brewkkake followed that the next day with a review of 312 Urban Wheat Ale.

I published my 1000th Post toward the beginning of the month and had a scavenger hunt to celebrate. A lot of people complained that the questions were too hard/time consuming, but whatever, four people won the prizes which were Dogfish Head beer labels signed by artist Marq Spusta.

I went to a baseball game with my boys and got to see the Phillies put up two touchdowns against the Marlins. While I was there I took some riveting urinal photos to share with you! Ed Roberts stopped by the house one night with a growler of Victory Braumeister Pils. Mmmm. And I don't think the month could have ended more perfectly than it did with a refreshing Medalla Light!

Now, the rest of the story. July's Top Five...

July 2011 Top Five

1. La Roja Artisan Amber Ale

2. Burton Baton

3. Summer Love Ale

4. Rotator IPA Series X-114 IPA
5. Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp

Honorable Mention:

Blanche de Chambly

Here is the Master List of Top Five Lists which is fun to look at for ideas sometimes! And here is a full list of all the beers from July. I'm sure if you take a look, you'll find a few you think I should have added. So speak up! If you'd like to receive new content each morning, sign up now. Think about the sheer enjoyment you'd get with the new material over a cup of coffee!

Summer Love/Set The Mood Prelude (Main Version - Clean) -- Justin Timberlake

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set

Cirque Du Soleil Anniversary Collection (1984-2005)

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