Saturday, August 6, 2011

River Falls Red Ale


The AT&T bill came today, and I couldn't understand why it was $50 more than usual. Oh, there it is. My 9 year old went over his 200 text message allotment by 379 texts. At $0.10 each plus taxes, there's your difference. So I asked him to whom and what he possibly has to say 579 times. He tried to blame me by saying some were between us, but of course I wasn't born yesterday.

AT&T was very understanding, refunded the $40, and signed us up for a 1000 text per month plan for just $5 per month more. I told my son they'd also be sending me a transcript of all his texts, which was a blatant lie. Who wants to read "Hi" "Hi" "What's Up?" "Good" "How about you" anyway?

Today I'm drinking River Falls Red Ale brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina. Malty aroma, with a little caramel and grainy sweetness. Caramel and toast flavors to start, on the sweet side. Smooth and creamy texture. Some earthy flavors and dryness come along toward the end, but that's it. Carbonation is fine. I wish some hoppy bitterness would have arrived but it didn't. Rather, this beer remains borderline too sweet. Tastes a little like East Kent Goldings hops like in Latitude 48 Deconstructed might have been used in this beer. Did I learn a lesson from that hop class? Hmmm. Not horrible but I'm certainly not a fan.

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