Saturday, September 24, 2011

Provo Girl Pilsner

Today I'm drinking Provo Girl Pilsner brewed by Squatters Pub/Utah Brewers Cooperative in Salt Lake City, Utah. This beer is sample sent to me by the brewery recently. The label depicts the innocent yet flirtatious Provo Girl in a revealing short dress. She appears to be on a farm or field somewhere as she stands amongst the wildflowers. I grew up in rural America; not sure where my Provo Girl was at that time. The beer medals this won are listed on the back: Gold at 2004 GABF and Bronze at 2008 World Beer Cup. Born 09/07/11.

Fluffy white head almost won against the top rim of my glass. Grainy and sweet aroma, smells like a pilsner. Nice flavors. Grainy with a perfect balance. The initial light toasty sweetness is met by a great bitter hoppy lemon flavor. Ultra refreshing and super clean. The carbonation was tingly and nice as well. Light yet flavorful and an easy drinker. I'll tell you what... this beer perfectly solved my miserable 100 degree Little League sweatfest this morning. And it was nice that this was also light on the alcohol, being only 4%. Check it out for sure.

One last comment. I stumbled upon this Squatters ad for this beer and apparently it's now available in cans too!

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