Monday, September 5, 2011

World of Beer Fundraising Auction for The World's Kitchen

Last night I attended a Fundraising Auction for The World's Kitchen at World of Beer in Coconut Creek, Florida. This Tweet-Up event was organized by two of my Twitter friends, Leah (@BeahBunnie) and Emily (@EmilyontheAve), each one I met for the first time in person. There were two parts to the charitable event. First, some raffles including several trips in the Caribbean. There were also other smaller raffles including bottles of vodka, t-shirts and even car washes (which I actually won).

The second and more interesting part was the charity auction. Bidders were vying for dates with several local singles and the date packages that came with them. Dates included dinners at many local restaurants, cooking classes, passes to Boomers and even magic lessons. Very cool. I didn't participate in this part, but there were several fierce back-and-forth battles for a few individuals. Winning bids ranged from $40 to $140, which was pretty amazing for the charity.

Charity is cool and all, but I had never been to a World of Beer and considering so many people I "know" were going to be there, well, I couldn't miss this event.  So here's a brief summary of who I met last night. It was pretty funny each person identifying themselves by their Twitter handle.

1. Leah @BeahBunnie gave me a serious "WTF Who the hell are you" look when I approached her and said her name. But when I told her, I got all kinds of hugs. LOL. Guess I should consider changing my Twitter avatar.

2. I picked out Ellie @EllieM72 from her photo. Here's a quote I made last night. "So I met @EllieM72 tonight. Cute accent. Not so cute drinking habit. I mean, she really tried: lambic and many sips. Anti beer poster child!" Very nice person.

3. Amanda Stewart @amandastewart? Yep! I recognized her immediately when she walked in. Very nice. We chatted for a while. I eventually got lumped into the Beer Brat Pack with Ed @Ed_Roberts and Joel @Brewkkake, which pretty much elevated my status (and I hope my Klout)!

4. I was then introduced to Steve @DeepinURTonsils (I seriously have a hard time typing that every time, LOL). You'll remember Steve did a guest post a while back. Nice to finally meet him. He was in charge of the raffle and event finances, so he wasn't drinking that much.

5. Next to Steve and also helping out with the event was Dee Dee @Dee_Deez. I didn't have a chance to name her from her photo as she overheard another introduction and beat me to it. Her Twitter profile couldn't be more exact, with happy and happier being understatements. :)

6. Emily @EmilyontheAve was introduced to me by Leah. I didn't quite recognize her from her photo, but I think that was due to the cool hairstyle she was working. All of the people being auctioned got their hair done by a local salon. Check out this photo of the "blo me" buttons they were handing out. What do they mean?

7. Maria @vicequeenmaria introduced herself to me early on in the evening. We've had some nice conversations online lately so was nice to finally meet her in real life. She was an excellent entrant for the celebrity auction as well, really working for the bids. I have photos somewhere.

8. Rachel @PRDivaRach introduced herself to me later in the evening and gave me one of those "I'm not worthy" acts. I didn't think she even knew me on Twitter, but she said that wasn't the case. Was very nice with me.

9. I introduced myself to @aGuyonClematis when I recognized him. He was out of his hood with this event on Lyons Road but certainly not out of his element. Clematis has its own World of Beer.

10. I also met Patrick @MiamiMaltBomb early on in the evening. Fairly recently I found his blog and think he's a great writer and explains things very well. Nice guy, too. He shared a pour of some tart foreign bottle, not exactly sure I can remember what it was called.

11. Seth @SethSchneids bought some pizza and was nice enough to share it with me. I still owe him a fruity beer next time around. Seth was the first winner of the Vacation Raffle, so big congratulations to him. Nice to meet you, Seth.

12. And Ed Roberts introduced me to the famous Lisa @WOBcoconutcreek, our host. Lisa runs the marketing for the bar and admitted this morning to having a first glance "Who the Hell is this Guy" look at me. Had a great time last night. Oh, and Lisa, feel free to tell Brenda and Byron to watch their backs!

I met others too, but don't remember their Twitter names easily. And this is already way too long. Thanks to everyone that listened and put up with me throughout the evening!

Now and finally, let's talk some beer! I decided to join the World of Beer Loyalty club mainly because I want my drinking habits computerized. I hope to have those records forwarded to the State Police, my life insurance company and any and all future employers. LOL.

Actually, I just decided that for $15 I get exactly that amount back, considering my first two drafts are free and I get a few other giveaways. And since I think Social Network check-in-site Untappd is a game not worthy of my time, I thought I'd give this a go.

I didn't take any notes, but I had five beers during the night (which is currently 885 behind the leader), all on draft since I don't usually get the chance to drink any beers on draft. Here is my experience.

I started with a Stoudt's Double IPA. Was a little hot alcohol-wise but the fruity and hoppy balance was pretty nice.

Next up. Chimay Cinq Cents. That's pretty much all I have to say. Apple, yeasty and spicy. Mmmm.

Bells Two Hearted Ale? Yes please. What a delicious IPA that is. Fruity, great balance, delicious.

That's when I ordered Unibroue Ephemere. And struck out. Keg kicked while it was pouring. Bartender asked me for me next choice, addressing me with Mister. LOL.

So I chose Ommegang Abbey Ale. What a delicious caramel and dark fruity raisin and yeasty sensation. Awesome.

Finally, Stone Pale Ale. Perfect hoppiness and great refreshing fruity balance. Terrific.

To summarize my night is impossible. Leah and Emily did a terrific job. Leah wanted me to let you know she's available for hire for all events.  I'll definitely be going back to World of Beer. Nice to meet everyone!


Patrick said...

Cool right up and thanks for the mention! The sour was Liefmans Cuvee Brut, it was on their "discounted bottles" list.

Staci Garcia said...

I must have missed you! I asked for the "crap beer" and drank "Golden Pheasant" which went down easy.~Staci, AKA @STACISMAIL

Deepinurtonsils said...

Great to finally meet you. Definitely need to get a beer next time. Go Mets!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Patrick. Nice. Thanks for filling in the blank. I bet you felt like you got a deal.

Staci. I recognize you from your Twitter avatar now, but not on Sunday. Next time for sure.

Steve. I'll be putting out a few golf date requests pretty shortly for the entire Mets' squad, especially Jose Reyes.

Patrick said...

Actually, no not really, I know how much that bottle retails for at the liquor store. Oh well.

orlando marrero said...

Hey thanks for the write up and thank you for being there Great to have met you.

Orlando Marrero

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Orlando. Great cause. Hope you guys raised a lot of money.

Any of you regular people see a Board Member and Exec from the charity reads this blog? Tell your friends and go make a donation. Check this out.

Orlando Marrero said...

Hey Rob "Yes" We raised $1465.00 Amazing. truly had a great time met wonderful people and received much needed encouragement from all of you. Look forward to more amazing events "Please stay posted for our Halloween super party in DFB . Find me on Fb and get info as we finalize the details. Also please like us on FB the worlds kitchen "deerfield beach. Ciao my best always.