Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Lightning Porter

Today I'm drinking Black Lightning Porter brewed by Lightning Brewery in Poway, California. This came by way of Mr. Brown and Ms. Melanie. Thanks again. One single bolt of lightning adorn the front of the label in more silver and black than you've seen since KISS. And this is a big 22 ounce bottle. The brewery uses, "Purity, Quality, Integrity" as a statement across the front to let you know what they are about. A side story sets your expectations, including an early note that this is a Baltic Porter.

Big head, with rolling aggressive bubbles. Chocolate and caramel aroma, with a solid hoppy and roasted smell as well. Rich chocolate starts things off, with the beer having a much thicker consistency than I had imagined. Right along with that are licorice and roasted malty flavors, just as prominent. While the story called this a "hoppy black winter ale", I'd say that is a severe under-representation. Holy bittery hoppy beer!

Now that roasty gets a little burnty after a bit and attacks a sugary background flavor to make burnt sugar. Coffee grounds and prunes come next, just in case you thought that all the flavors were already mentioned. Which brings me to one of my points. Too much is happening in this beer without much harmony.

Yeah, there are some really good flavors, I said so. But they aren't playing on the same team here. In addition, the roasted aspect is a bit harsh and the bitter hoppiness totally doubles down with a Hard 15. The rest of the table is up in arms about such assinine play.

Finally, your 8.5% alcohol is not a mystery. It's fairly hot and alcoholic and burny. The carbonation is good and I'm glad this wasn't a flat beer. I'd pass for many reasons, though I'd consider this a solid attempt that needs some rough edges sanded way down.

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