Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crispin Artisanal Reserve: Lansdowne

Nice Color, right?
Today I'm drinking Crispin Artisanal Reserve: Lansdowne, a hard apple cider made by Crispin Cider Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota or Cofax, California. Like Crispin's The Saint, this one was given to me by Crispin via my broker Ed. Thanks. Landsdowne was named in homage to late Lansdowne Road Stadium, the home of Irish rugby. It is fermented with Irish Stout Yeast and Organic Molasses. I'll let you guys read the other panels of the label which tell a story about this cider and give its nutritional information.

Caramel and honey aroma, spicy and wine like. Wow, the molasses wastes no time introducing itself with a bang! Rich, sweet and surprisingly smoky. I can really fee that smoke in the back of my nose and on the palate too. And every sip starts with that rich viscous nectar. That sweetness, however, is brought to a pleasant balance with some tart apple flavors and an acidic, vinegar, cider base. The stout yeast is recognizable and actually may be what is bringing out that smoke characteristic. Sweet raisins add more dimension as well.

The 6.9% alcohol was noticeable, but in that special cidery way. Basically, you know this is an adult beverage. Very pleasant flavors. Excellent creativity. I enjoyed this one a lot! That was 22 ounces? Better get me another!

Organic Blackstrap Molasses, 16 oz.

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