Friday, October 28, 2011

Dortmunder Gold

Today I'm drinking Dortmunder Gold brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. I believe the beer is named in for both its German Dortmunder style and its golden color. But what is also added to the mix is the fact that this beer is a perennial gold-medal winner (wonder what happened at the 2003 World Beer Championships. Silver. Pfft. LOL)! Even the label depicts a Gold Medal from the Great American Beer Festival as its focal point.

On the side of the label is a little history about the style. Enjoy by 12/5/11. Best served at 45 degrees F. Oh, and thanks to my buddy for recently getting me a few of these Great Lakes beers. They are not available in Florida yet. But I am hopeful.

Lemony and hoppy, floral aroma with a faint sweetness behind that. Beautiful toasty flavors open things up. Very smooth. A nice mild bitterness comes along next and balances the beer perfectly. Some light spicy hoppy nips are welcome and really work well with the medium carbonation. Very clean and refreshing. Good body. The 5.8% alcohol was nowhere to be found. Very pleasant aftertaste had me wanting a second and third bottle. It's great to see a beer of this style that is so perfect. No, it's not megalomaniac-extreme-in-a-dead animal burn your throat Betty Ford Bourbon-Barrel Aged kind of beer. It's an awesome lager! I highly recommend trying it if you can.


dale said...

This is a great beer. I love many of Great Lakes beers, unfortunately I can't get them on a regular basis. I hear the Imperial Dortmunder is incredible.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

This was the first beer I ever had from Great Lakes. I obviously can't get them either here in S. FL. A friend of mine made sure I got to try this one and a few others, though.