Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guinness Black Lager

Today I'm drinking Guinness Black Lager brewed by Guinness and Company, St. James's Gate, Dublin, Ireland. I really had to look around Total Wine to find this one. I had totally forgotten they were going to brew this beer. Silver, black and blue label, not really taking anything except the harp and name from the original Guinness Stout. Very underwhelming design. The bottle is 330mL and the back label suggests enjoying "ice cold straight from the bottle", which I didn't do.

Roasted, nutty, light chocolate aroma. Very thin and extremely bland and lacking flavor, if those are indeed flavors. I can barely tell that I even put something into my mouth. For real! Light roasted malt, not burnt or bitter or offensive in any way. Just so dull. Nice carbonation and very smooth. A hint of chocolate and a hint of coffee is all you get toward the end. NOTHING ELSE! Very boring. Guinness should not have put their name on this. Their original stout is a classic and this beer was a crappy poser.

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