Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summit Silver Anniversary Ale

Today I'm drinking Summit Silver Anniversary Ale brewed by Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. For those that are clueless, silver stands for 25 years. Summit certainly didn't go all crazy with their celebration label. Just a tiny little photo of the brewery. Barely even a "Cheers to 25 years!" I guess they plan on having the beer speak for them. I have no idea what kind of beer I'm about to drink, for real. Enjoy by 01/03/12.

Peach and pine, spicy and fruity, hoppy. Nice aroma mix. Very hop-driven flavors. Aggressive pine and orange with quite the citrus zesty bitterness. Right behind that, some spicy black pepper digs at your palate, never relenting for the entire bottle. A light bready malt adds some sweetness to the background, just the right amount. The carbonation was strong and prickly, which I enjoyed and found to add to the beer's refreshment.

At the end, you will taste and feel a little warmth from the alcohol. A dry finish ensues. A sticky and resinous texture is left behind on the palate. Nice beer. I would certainly drink it again. It is way above average yet it's tough to stand out in a crowded class of awesome, readily-available IPAs. And yes, I did check online to confirm my identification as an IPA before publishing this. You don't think I'm stupid, do you?

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