Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Antares Barley Wine

Today I'm tailgating with an Antares Barley Wine brewed by Cerveza Artesanal Antares in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Actually, I'm not really tailgating. I'm drinking the beer at my desk before I head over to my son's 10U Little League game! Same thing, right?

This is a bottle that Ofelia had her family bring me from Argentina recently. Thank you! Excellent label design. Great color contrast with the shiny copper over a sophisticated yellow and silver background. The side tells the same story as usual about the three amigos, while the front describes this beer as follows (feel free to translate for me):

The translation isn't too difficult, actually. Sans acccents...

El termino romantico "vino de cebada" se usa para las cervezas con un contenido alcoholico similar al del vino. De color bronce, la Antares Barley Wine es una cerveza fuerte, licorosa y maltosa, con un intenso acento frutado proveniente de las levaduras.

Sweet caramel and hoppy aroma all at once, with some booze drenched fruity peaches in the background. Sweet and sticky caramel flavors in the start. Nice heat and burn, especially in the chest, from the 10.0% alcohol. The alcohol really accentuates the other flavors and is well incorporated into the beer. A little brown sugar adds another element of secondary interest.

As with the aroma, the hops have quite a presence and bittering, balancing effect on the second part of this beer. Black peppery, spicy, nippy, hoppy. Some fruits are noticeable but not so much. The finish is a little drier with a boozy caramel left behind to ponder. Fairly simple and straightforward with nice flavors, a good pop and bite. Enjoyable all around though 330mL is certainly enough for one sitting! Grab one next time you're south of the equator.

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