Sunday, November 13, 2011

CoCoNut PorTeR

This morning (10:45 am, yep) I'm drinking CoCoNut PorTeR brewed by Maui Brewing Company in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. They took every opportunity to make sure you know it's Hawaiian. The can states "Certified Made on Maui" and "Brewed with Aloha" and "Maui's Truly Local Brew!" I like the tag line toward the bottom as well... "Like Hot Chicks on the Beach"... whatever that means.

The front of the can shows an illustration of someone raising a coconut mug filled with beer with a cracked beer tank flowing in the background. The next panel on the can talks about a MicroCanning Revolution, highlighting all the positives of putting beer in cans instead of bottles. The final panel lets you know this beer won Gold at the World Beer Cup in the 2006 Herb and Spiced Beer Category. Below that is some medallion with what surely isn't a Greatful Dead turtle. Finally, thanks to Joel the Pennsylvania Beer Guy for thinking of me and sending this beer my direction.

Rich chocolate aroma with a light roast and coconut undertones. Chocolate and much fainter coffee flavors set an enjoyable stage and base for this beer. The real star is the roasted malty flavor that dominates throughout. But this roasted flavor is really quite different and unique. It's obviously roasted coconut, but it isn't sweet at all like you might expect. Rather, this roasted flavor is a little smoky and quite aromatic and herbal in the mouth. I can use my imagination and I feel like there is even some volcanic ash flavor and residue there (so I guess that's where they toasted the coconut, no?)

The carbonation is pretty high and a bit rough to the palate. Not a creamy or smooth beer. CoCoNut PorTeR leans bitter but is a well-balanced beer. The 6.0% alcohol isn't really very noticeable though the finish is fairly dry. Quite the interesting brew. Different flavors on top of a really nice porter. Very enjoyable. Check it out when you can.


Hannah said...

I SO want to try this. Glad to hear it's got a good review from you - now I want it even more.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Hannah.

Yeah, was a really nice beer and I liked the unique twist.