Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Commodore Perry IPA

Today I'm drinking Commodore Perry IPA brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. This beer is named for a hero from the War of 1812. Commodore Perry was battling under heavy fire when he shouted, "Don't Give Up The Ship!" Great Lakes Brewing turned that into "Don't Give Up The Sip!" since their beer is 90% Great Lakes water. The label depicts an artist's rendition of that battle. Enjoy by 12/15/11.

Malty bread aroma, earthy and herbal, with a faint underlying citrus smell. Sweet peach and fruity flavors start things off. Not really bitter in the slightest. Next up, some spicy black pepper and flowers dance together in harmony. Yeah, I know, pretty unbelievable. But it's true. I'm a witness.

Creamy smooth. Lavender, flowers, bubble bath, very interesting. Orange jam on toast right at the end. Thick body and chewy. Excellent flavors. Dry finish with a light feel from the 7.5% alcohol. What was really missing for me was bitterness. Any bitterness. This IPA actually leaned to the sweet side. A little more hoppy citrus or piney play would have cut the body nicely and refreshed the palate in the way I was hoping. That said, this was enjoyable and different and flavorful. Nice job.

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devon said...

best beer i've ever had, by far.