Monday, November 14, 2011

Crispin Artisanal Reserve: Cho-tokkyu

Today I'm drinking Crispin Artisanal Reserve: Cho-tokkyu, a hard apple cider fermented with Sake yeast and  by Crispin Cider Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota or Colfax, California. This was given to me by the local Crispin representative, just like their Lansdowne and The Saint ciders from this series. So far so good with these guys. I'm really enjoying trying these ciders.

Besides using Sake yeast, Cho-tokkyu uses racked apple wine smoothed with pure organic rice syrup (whatever that means). The label gives a heads-up on what you can expect from this cider on one panel while providing nutritional information on another. Gluten free, as usual.

The bottle said to give a full bottoms-up and swirl to disperse the apple-wine sediment evenly. The result is a murky yellow liquid. It looks a little like grapefruit juice with pulp. The aroma is full of apples and bananas and yeast, and smells a little sour. Fruity apple and pear flavors are most noticeable in the beginning. An interesting and complex yeast component comes next, mingling nicely with its fruity pals. Bananas, peaches, quite fruity. The 6.5% alcohol provided a little warmth toward the end before a bone-dry finish. Apple aftertaste is nice.

Good fruity flavors, very enjoyable. Not nearly as refreshing as I would have liked. The yeasty thickness and cottonmouth dryness took away from that aspect. Don't get me wrong. This was really good and actually grew on me over the course of drinking Big 22. It really is cool what the different yeasts will do! Check this one out!

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