Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holy Moses White Ale

Today I'm drinking Holy Moses White Ale brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. The side panel on the label says that this beer is named after Moses Cleaveland, the founder of Cleveland. The illustration on the front, done by Scott Carpenter, likens this Moses to the one in the Bible. Cleaveland was apparently able to separate the waters of one of the Great Lakes. Now I went to church this morning, so I'm pretty sure this isn't possible. However, I guess if Lebron James were after him, God would have helped Moses, Jr. too! Oh, that's right. Lebron doesn't live there anymore.

The other story around the neck talks about how what Great Lakes does with their spent grains. From making bread and pretzels to growing mushrooms and fertilizer. Enjoy by 11/7/11. Best served at 48 degrees F.

Wheat dominates the aroma with a hefty quantity of spiciness as well. Lemon and a bit of funk is also noticeable on the nose. Lots of spicy flavors are what hit the palate first, with coriander and clove flavors really taking over. Heavy wheat flavors and textures fill the entire mouth. A little lemon and citrus help thin out the beer texturally and add some interest.

Not sweet and not bitter, balanced, but I'd go as far as saying this beer reaches a little sourness. Along with that, a hint of funk and wet-dog saison qualities. By the end, Holy Moses has some flowery and herbal qualities. The spices show up again at the end and into a lingering aftertaste. High carbonation, prickly too. Good body. The 5.4% alcohol wasn't really noticeable at all.

The beer is good and has nice flavors. I'd have preferred that it had less spices and more citrus, but I guess that's just me. I found the funky saison qualities interesting and unexpected, yet enjoyable and fun. Grab the beer and check it out!

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