Saturday, November 26, 2011

Long Trail Brewmaster Collection Coffee Stout -- Doctor Carolyn Guest Post

I was headed out of town a few days ago when Doc Carolyn sent me a post-exam rant turned beer review. She told you about her trip to Cigar City a few months ago. I hope you enjoy this as well.

Long Trail Brewmaster Collection Coffee Stout

Let me tell you something you could have guessed. 8 hour tests SUCK. Staring at a computer and THINKING for 8 hours SUCKS. I just finished one of the many licensing exams necessary to become a doctor. And all I could think through the entire exam was "Lord, beer me strength." And I got done and miracle of miracles, I GOT BEER!

Picked this one up a while ago on one of my beer shopping sprees at Total Wine in Claymont, DE. Long Trail Brewmaster Collection Coffee Stout. Pours a dark, mysterious black with a hefty head that's a lovely walnut color. Smells like Starbucks up in here--the best dark roasted aroma I've stuck my nose into. Velvety on the palate. Tastes like, well, coffee (would ya have guessed it??). Nice and smoky and roasty up front without the sweetness. Develops nicely with a solid malty middle and finishes bitter with same caramel and vanilla. 

And at 8.0% this malt beverage fermented with coffee from Vermont Coffee company, this is the perfect "oops, I got drunk" beer for a weekday evening after a tough day. 

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