Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wasatch Polygamy Porter

Today I'm drinking Wasatch Polygamy Porter brewed by Utah Brewers Cooperative in Salt Lake City, Utah. This sample was sent to me by the brewery. In all honesty, of the 12 they sent, this was the only one I had ever heard of before last month. And even then, I knew the beer for its interesting name and had no idea who brewed it.

Each time I've commented about this brewery's label art, I find out that they are actual people that work for the brewery. Let's see if this one is any different. On this label, there is an almost naked bearded guy hugging one naked woman. He's surrounded by a few other naked chicks, presumably his other wives, and half a dozen angels. "Why Have Just One!" is the slogan that captions the party.

This beer has won a few silver medals, one at the GABF and one by the North American Brewers' Association. Born 08/04/11.

Roasted, nutty aroma with a strong and solid cocoa backing. Chocolaty flavors to start as well, with a light roasted coffee. Fruity plum flavors add a little interest int he background. Carbonation is good. Smooth and creamy texture. A little thin and watery but a flavorful, easy drinker. The 4% alcohol was not noticeable at all. Porters are not my favorite style, mainly because so many have a harsh roasted and burnt component. This was none of that. An enjoyable beer you could drink an entire 6 pack no problem.


dale said...

I've been wanting to try this one for a while. I love the name, and they have a great t-shirt to go with it.


marie said...

My aunt's family lives in Park City (disclaimer: not Mormons) and they are friends with the Wasatch people. I think I've tried a couple of these but can't remember which.

P.S. I haven't clicked over from my reader lately-- new layout looks really good!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, Dale. Pretty funny name.

Marie. Thanks for the layout comment. It's one of 7 new "dynamic templates" from Blogger. There are many problems with it. Might need to revert back until they are fixed. For example, can't add any gadgets. In fact, the edit HTML button is not even clickable. Forget showing people how to subscribe by email and guess what, my favorite. Updating to the new template wiped the Google Analytics code from the HTML. Now, I'm a smart guy and can add it back. But they have to give me access to editing it first.

Cool about the Wasatch connection. You know, you could probably drink most of their beers while pregnant. They are only 4%. LOL--->>don't do that!