Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whip Ale

Today I'm drinking Whip Ale brewed by Diamond Knot Brewing in Mukilteo, Washington. This is the beer that was designed and named after Queensryche's Michael "Whip" Wilton, who personally handed me this beer I'm drinking today. The label has gold designs on a black background. I feel that some band designs are incorporated into the label, but I'm not cool enough to know them. "Superb Quality" and "Bold, Rich, Aromatic" are front and center in case you are incapable of making your own determination. Finally, you can find out more at

Caramel, doughy aroma with nice citrus quality. Caramel flavors also start but are more fleeting than in the aroma. Some lemony citrus shows up right away and is really the star of the beer. Nice zesty zing but then some doughy, malty balance evens things a little. Grassy and floral, yet with some orange sweetness. Have you figured this out yet? It's a well balanced beer, though it definitely favors bitter.

The carbonation is prickly and excellent, much better head than when we had it in those Total Wine plastic thimbles. I am really enjoying all of Big 22. The 6.0% alcohol adds a little dryness to the finish but is otherwise unnoticeable. It is a great refreshment as I de-string my pre-lit Christmas tree of all 1000 lights. They haven't worked for a few years. The tree is beautiful still. But my fingers are rubbed raw. Ugh! Grab this beer and rock out to Queensryche while drinking!

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