Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chicory Stout

Today I'm drinking Chicory Stout brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. Apparently this will be my third season checking this one out--looks like I missed the 2009 vintage. Every year I hope I'll like it more. The label has a coffee bean background with an impossible-to-read, dark-red-lettered story about the beer. Let me just type what it says so you don't kill yourself trying. "About The Stout. A rich, dark brew smoothed out with a touch of roasted chicory and organic Mexican coffee. Goodness beneath a bone white head." Bottled In 2011 F.

Chocolaty aroma with a unique roastiness that must be the chicory. (Yeah, I looked it up again, too.) Very much a chicory flavor start. Woody with bitter coffee and some roasted and ashy smoked malt. This beer has a dry aggressive flavor I find most unkind and rough on the palate. There are nice chocolaty flavors in the background, but the main focus is that harshness and a flat, old-coffee flavor that comes and never leaves. Pretty thin body. The 5.2% alcohol wasn't really very noticeable; the finish was a little dry, no more. Not horrible but I am not a fan. Can't wait for Aprihop and Festina Peche though.

I thought the shadows were cool. That's all!


Marie said...

I imagine if you're not a fan of chicory coffee, you probably wouldn't like this beer either. I tried a little at a tasting once but I've never had a whole one. I'm always disappointed when a beer has a really full flavor with a thin body. If it's going to be agressive, it should have the consistency of sludge, in my opinion. (This is why you never see skinny opera singers.)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Can't say I've had Chicory anything before, except for different years of this beer. How about since Dogfish doesn't do Indiana anymore, I send you a bottle of this and a few others as a baby gift. No freakin' diaper bag or onesies from me. LOL

Marie said...

I can't say no to that!