Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ho! Ho! Winter Ale

Today I'm drinking Ho! Ho! Winter Ale brewed by Diamond Knot Brewing Company in Mukilteo, Washington. The label puts the beer name boldly in front of a nice background scene. Santa and his reindeer are flying in front of the moon far above the huge ocean ship cruising below.

Rich malty caramel aroma. Caramel and molasses flavors to start as well, quite malty. Sugary and toasty, too. But plenty of citrus and acidic bitterness are waiting in the wings to prove to you this is no sweet brew. Not sweet at all, rather leaning toward hoppy bitter. Earthy and nutty, but there is this buttery kind of flavor in the background that I'm not crazy about.

I'm still drinking Big 22, and while it's not a bad beer, the lemony bitter and buttery flavors are starting to bother me. The finish and aftertaste are a little medicinal, perhaps with some of the 8.5% alcohol showing through too much. Personally, I'd keep looking, even right next to this very bottle where their Whip Ale kicks some ass!

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