Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weyerbacher QUAD

Today I'm drinking Weyerbacher QUAD, an Abbey-Style Quadruple Ale brewed by Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton, Pennsylvania. The label is simple yet comes across very strong with large Q U A D lettering, all done in purple and egg shell colors. Grabs your attention.

Sugary aroma with plenty of yeast. Fruity too, with apricots and pears being strongest. Fruit flavors, especially pears, are the main focus right from the start. Spicy cinnamon also shows up early and actually introduces some juicy apples while enhancing them at the same time. Neat little trick. Candi sugar is also a really noticeable sweetening factor.

The Belgian yeast is very noticeable as it offers lots of little intricacies to the already nice basket of flavors. Creamy and silky texture with fine carbonation bubbles really working the mouth. The 11.8% alcohol really perks up your attention as well, warming with some nice heat and a low-grade burn.

Very good beer. Nice body, perfect carbonation. A little on the sweet side but the alcohol certainly helped cut that up quite a bit. My recommendation is to share a bottle of this with another beer enthusiast. It really is yummy, and I doubt your new boyfriend that drinks Coors at the sports bar every weekend is worth it.

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