Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011 Top 5

What a fun month December turned out to be! Well, aside from turning 40 that is. Remember last December when I buried that Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine? Well I dug it up last month. And as you'll see below, it was a delicious Top 5 beer! Toward the end of the month, I was invited as a guest on By The Glass Show. It was a star-studded event (and not because of me). Bob Cannon from Boston Beer and Joe Heron from Crispin Ciders both called in! And I drank Utopias and Russian River Supplication in the same hour! Pretty awesome.

December saw three more articles that I wrote for Under The Tuscan Gun. You can read about birthday beers, beers to ask Santa for, and beer with Tuscan food pairings.

Finally, I had a few guest posts. NCBREW2U Michael reviewed Sisters of the Moon IPA and Beer Geek Joey reviewed a threesome of J.W. Lees Harvest Ales from 2007. First, the regular version followed by the beer aged in Sherry Casks, then finally the beer aged in Calvados Casks.

Yes, I heard you mumble that it's about time I get out a Top 5 list right after the month ends. But so you know, I only did that because it was a necessary first step in choosing a Beer of the Year for all of 2011. Stay Tuned for that!

December 2011 Top Five

1. Old Stock Ale 2011

2. Olde School Barleywine 2010 (Cave Aged)

3. Tripel Karmeliet

4. Sucks Holiday Ale

5. St. Bernardus Abt 12

Honorable Mentions:

Piraat Ale

Weyerbacher QUAD

Here is the Master List of Top Five Lists to help guide your New Year's Resolutions! Not a bad list for December, right? One of my resolutions/goals is to have 1000 email subscribers in the Daily Beer Review Nation by the end of this year. Trust me, that's a lofty goal! You can do your part by signing up now and  inviting your friends to sign up. Thanks in advance. I love you guys!

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