Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout

Tonight I'm drinking Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout brewed by Fort Collins Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is "The most decadent creation ever to be crafted in FCB's brewhouse," according to the story on the side panel. Other than that, the label has a few mountains in the distance and some other squiggly lines in the rest of the space.

Chocolate aroma, plenty of roasted malt, and some smokey ash and wood on the nose--pretty inviting. Chocolate flavors are also the dominate flavor in the beginning, rich and milky, and sweeter than I was expecting. Very creamy texture. Some coffee flavors play a supporting role and add dimension and some bitter balance.

The 8.1% alcohol adds a little heat, not too much, while bringing out some vanilla and woody nuances. Roasted malt and some smoke, along with some hoppiness, come toward the end of each sip, and even moreso as you drink the second half of Big 22. I actually liked it a bit colder because of this. Not a WOW beer but it was pretty good.

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