Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grand Marnier Quintessence

People! Forget about beer today! Yeah, I said it. Now pay attention. You all know how multi-faceted I am, right? I mean, it's not just beer, though that would be enough for a lifetime. I've also tasted and written about Scotch and Gin and Grand Marnier and a few others.

Now, speaking of Grand Marnier, my second love, I put all my cards on the table in pursuit of their most recent creation, Grand Marnier Quintessence. A little research will show you that this is no ordinary bottle of cognac. This is a blend of the finest private reserve cognacs the Marnier-Lapostolle family has available, some dating as far back as 1906. This cognac blend is then combined with a double-distilled orange essence before being married and matured in French oak barrels. The anticipation is killing me here!

There is a bottle of this available at my local Total Wine. However, it's locked in the exclusive cabinet with a $900 price tag. I asked the Store Manager to unlock it today to get an authentic photo of the bottle and the awesome box it's packaged in. Of course I could have taken the media kit photo (which I did anyway, below), but I want you to experience this joy with me. Basically what I'm telling you is that the love I have for this beverage shines so brightly that I was provided a sample to taste and share my thoughts with you. Oh, and my photo is the crappy one on the right, with the Heineken box reflection in it. Enjoy!

I warmed up for this occasion by having a glass of regular Grand Marnier last night. Today, I used one of those plastic medicine cups to see approximately how much to try, measuring only water of course. 20mL seemed about right to put into my Grand Marnier shot glass. I tried taking some fancy pictures in my dining room, with some nice decorations in the background, in the hopes you may think I'm a millionaire. What do you think?

You can smell the beautiful scent of this from across the room. Such a perfumey aroma, with delicate and beautiful orange layered over sweet flower petals. Fantastic! I'm enamored after just a few seconds to the point of not even wanting to drink it. Grand Marnier, for sure. But you know this is going to be a special spirit.

OMG! This is freakin' intense! Wonderful orange flavors dripping in oily citrus decadence. Floral, sweet. Soft yet powerful. What a bright flavor shaking my taste buds, bursting explosions in my mouth. The perfect burn and heat is vibrant and most excellent. Candied rind, almonds and sweet peach nuances work so wonderfully with the orange and alcohol. I'm seriously at a loss for words (wink, wink). 

Velvety smooth texture with the most spectacular coating of the mouth. Viscous but not thick. Get out your tape measure as this is practically perfect in every way. I'm in love! Simply Amazing!

"If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." And then give me a call. 

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