Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mahr's Christmas Bock

Today I'm drinking Mahr's Christmas Bock brewed by Mahr's Brau in Bamberg, Germany. This 500mL bottle was on sale after Christmas for $2 so it was tough to resist checking it out. The artwork on the label is interesting. An elf of some kind, looks a little evil, is pulling the blanket off of the enormous yakkish beast that is lying in the snow with decorations on its antlers with gifts strewn around. Bottled on 209, whatever the hell that means.

Very malty, rich caramel aroma, with a light pecan nuttiness and a hint of cinnamon. Sweet and malty flavors in the beginning, caramel and bread dough. It is quite a bit thinner than I was expecting. There is a huge grainy flavor component to the beer too, very noticeable. Good creamy carbonation. Some hoppy bitterness and balance toward the end, though there is a little metallic flavor there as well. An OK beer.

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