Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Brown Than Black IPA

Today I'm drinking More Brown Than Black IPA, a collaboration beer brewed by Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. The story on the back tells about the history of generosity amongst the brewing community. For this edition to the Stone Collaborations 2011 portfolio, Stone, Ninkasi Brewing and The Alchemist teamed up to help out The Alchemist, which took a big hit from that bitch Hurricane Irene last year. Ninkasi Brewer and Founder Jamie Floyd wrote the story, signed on November, 2011.

Lots of floaties in this beer. Very interesting aroma. Bright and hoppy, sharp lemon, quite fragrant. LOVE the aroma. That was until I inhaled a little.

Very much of the same flavors. Grapefruit and lemon citrus are prominent. Hoppy for sure. After a few sips it's hard not to notice how the lemon feels a little candied, proving sweet relief even as its bitterness prevails. Orange peel and pine, a few other nice flavors. Toward the end, a bit of spiciness along with a little heat from the 7.4% alcohol shows up. A sharp palate wake-up for sure. Some malty balance keeps the bitterness in check, but the citrus is definitely the star. Good carbonation. Dry finish. I really enjoyed this one!


FloriBrew said...

Is this available in our neck of the woods? Total Wine PP?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yep. That's where I grabbed my bottle. They still had the last one there too. Not sure it this will sell better or faster. Check the seasonal area.