Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rogue Red Fox Amber Ale

Well. I'm really pissed off. I wrote a review for this beer about a month ago. Today I tried to edit in a translation for all the Japanese stuff on the label, went to save it and poof, it disappeared. Good-bye forever.

I read through it one time before that magic took place so let me try to recreate the highlights, though you'll likely be missing a lot of that awesome wit you are so accustomed to!

This is a beer brewed by Oregon Brewing Company in Newport, Oregon. The label says 100% Pure Rogue, which I'm guessing is so you know who brewed it. Oregon Brewing must be some legal name. Everything else on the label is in Japanese, for what reason I'll likely never know.

Searching in Google about this beer was a little confusing as there are a bunch of results about a beer made by Budweiser with exactly the same name. Anyway, from my memory and quick read, the beer had a caramel aroma. The flavors started like that too, but a bitter grassy and lemon component was very noticeable as well. Some bread dough and a bit of spice led you into the finish. Not bad and an easy drinker but there are many better for the dollar. And it's not worth buying again to do a better job with this review, so take that into consideration.

Here is the bottle translation from Justin Phillips, who also translated the Rogue Buckwheat Ale label for me. Thanks again!

Hey, I looked at the bottle. The front says "Ezo Fox Ale".
Back of the bottle: Rogue Brewing, located in Monbetsu, Hokkaido's sister city of Newport, OR has blazed a trail in the post-prohibition era. Rogue has created this exquisite craft beer for the people of Hokkaido. Please enjoy this rich beer that has a flavor and character unlike any other. <About Ezo Red Fox Beer> This is an English-style ale. It is a hoppy red ale made from a blend of malt and hop varieties. It has a thick mouthfeel with a bitter finish. It goes well with ethnic dishes and hotpots.


Sud Savant said...

It's too bad about the original review. Besides that, I can sympathize with you on several levels.
1. I would've picked up this unique looking bottle as well! Especially from Rogue
2. I've had "interesting" looking beers turn out poorly. They show such promise and then fall flat.
3. I don't blame you for not picking it up again. It doesn't sound like they did anything special when they brewed it. They just made a hoppy, English red ale. I guess I would've expected a Japanese ingredient or two.

At least it looks great in the glass! Good review.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Sud.

Yeah, just a time setback but whatever. As far as the beer goes, pretty simple and typical, not bad but not memorable at all.

Thanks for stopping by.