Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ruthless Rye IPA 2012

Today I'm drinking Ruthless Rye IPA brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. I had a 12 pack of this in my hand yesterday but convinced myself to purchase one first, just to be sure I like it. The label calls this beer "a complex ale for the tumultuous transition to Spring". The label depicts an [overdressed] woman in a grain field, holding a staff, while an ominous cloud approaches over her farmhouse in the background.

Nice spicy rye aroma, peppery and hoppy, and very prominent. Great orange citrus flavors appear right away, first sip. Fragrant and juicy in the mouth. Spicy peppery jabs hit your palate and even hit the throat on the way down. Coupled with an awesome hoppiness and brisk carbonation, your mouth is given an explosion of flavors and sensations.

Pine and a little oiliness add some additional hop flavors. Excellent bitter refreshment, and yet not overdone in the slightest. Great flavors. Yes, you're damn right that the rye is bold. But that's what makes it so awesomely perfect! Your 6.6% alcohol isn't really noticeable amongst so many aggressive and leading roles. 12 Pack, I'll be back for you soon!

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