Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sea Dog Hazelnut Porter

Today I'm drinking Sea Dog Hazelnut Porter brewed by Pugsley Brewing in Portland, Maine. Just yesterday I was completely underwhelmed by their Apricot beer, so let's see how this goes. The label sports the same dog donning a captain's rain cap, this time in front of a bunch of beer barrels. Best Enjoyed Before November, 2012.

Chocolate and caramel aroma, with some nutty roast as well. Pretty rich and inviting. The flavors are more of a thin mish-mash, however. Chocolate and nutty flavors in the beginning are attacked by a persistent stale flavored coffee. Burnt malt is accompanied by very harsh astringency and bitterness. Just an ugly and unpleasant flavor combo so far.

The texture is OK, smooth, but that is by far this beer's best attribute. Dry finish, perhaps offering a whiff of the 5.6% alcohol. Not enjoyable and I didn't finish the bottle. I'd pass and wish I had my own advice available before buying and drinking it myself.

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