Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hoptologist DIPA

Today I'm drinking Hoptologist DIPA brewed by Knee Deep Brewing Company in Lincoln, California. The label depicts a cartoonish mad scientist in front of all of his bottles of potions and mixers. I guess he's the Hoptologist that put this 102 IBU creation together.

Very nice and interesting hoppy aroma. Fresh pine and citric lemony scents along with just a touch of malty sweetness. Flavors start out with a touch of that sweetness, caramel and bread are noted. But a great dose of bittering hops comes in and just pummels those initial flavors, cutting through with citrus and lemon rind and grassy waves.

There is almost a spearmint quality that goes along with the evergreen needle bitterness, to the point of tasting medicinal. Those flavors are a bit rough and sharp on the palate. Just a hint of tropical mango and peach try to swing the pendulum back toward sweet, and they do a decent job as the beer warms. But the effort never reaches its goal. The 9% alcohol accentuates the medicinal minty flavors, a negative, too noticeable. Carbonation is good. While there are some nice flavors in the beer, I didn't finish all of Big 22. Not because I couldn't; I just didn't want to. Just an OK beer.

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