Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jenlain Noël

Today I'm drinking Jenlain Noël, a French Christmas Ale brewed by Brasserie Duyck in Jenlain, France. I grabbed this wine-sized bottle right after Christmas from the Total Wine bargain table. Green bottle, corked and caged. The label is decorated with a Christmas ball ornament, and a story on the back talks a little about this "gift to [Duyck's] loyal customers". The story finishes by setting this beer apart from other similar holiday beers--Jenlain Noel is brewed without spices or flavorings.

Fruity, funky and spicy aroma. Malty flavors in the beginning. Toasted bread comes to mind. Despite no spice additions, cinnamon and cloves are part of the flavor profile here. A bit sugary and sweet with caramel and light fruits. As the beer warms up a bit, some yeast comes into the mix with a little dirty earthy flavor. There is a slight metallic flavor in the background that I can't shake. After drinking a little, I felt like this beer tasted a little muddled, with an overall blend of dirty sweet caramel and a touch of the 6.8% alcohol. Was OK but whatever. Average. I didn't finish the bottle and went to find something better.

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