Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Narragansett Bock

Hi Neighbor! Today I'm drinking Narragansett Bock brewed by Narragansett Brewing Company in Rochester, New York. This beer comes in a 16 ounce bright shiny electric green can, decorated with a ram. You can read the story on the can below for more info on that excellent question on your mind, "Why a ram?"

Malty caramel aroma. Caramel, toasted bread and some nuttiness are the initial flavors that catch my attention. Sweet, yet spicy at the same time. The spiciness works well with some hoppy balance and competing jabs from the carbonation and 6.5% alcohol. Good body, dry finish, lasting flavors. I like it, even more as I'm nearing the end of the big can, a size I can certainly appreciate. One more comment: if lacing is your thing, check it out on my glass below! Nice beer. I'll be drinking more of this one.

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