Saturday, February 4, 2012

Newcastle Founder's Ale

Today I'm drinking Newcastle Founder's Ale, a pale ale brewed by Thomas Hardy Burtonwood in Burtonwood, UK. The neck label of this beer calls it "A Blighty Good Brew" while the story on the back titled "To Our Fivefathers" sets your expectations. This beer was provided to me by their communications agency at no charge.

Earthy, doughy, herbal, hoppy aroma. Not too powerful, though. Lightly sweet toasted bread flavors pair with a bit of caramel and butter (for the toast). But some lemony herbal hoppiness comes in and turns this toward bitter. Not too bitter, but past neutral for sure. Fresh tasting, a little spicy and a dry finish. The little medicinal wash at the end is a bit off, but overall, this is a crisp and refreshing beer. Solid carbonation. Definitely Blighty! I'd most likely keep looking before trying it again, though.

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