Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tocobaga Red Ale

Today I'm drinking Tocobaga Red Ale brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. The label art is a little weird until you read the story on the back. The name of this beer comes from the Tocobaga tribe that lived in Tampa Bay long before the Spanish came in the 1500's. They built some structures that still exist today, and the story encourages you to climb those mounds to see Tampa as they did. The artwork depicts a few of these natives on top of the mountains, raising a glass of beer to the sea. Bottled January, 2012.

Hoppy aroma yet with a sweet orange scent underneath. Hoppy pine and citrus orange flavors are also prominent in the beginning. There is, however, plenty of sweeter malt balance, a little fruity. This beer is not really overly bitter at all, despite all the hops and the expectation from a very fresh hoppy nose and palate. A little spicy, some jabs at the palate.

The finish is a little dry with the 7.2% alcohol slightly noticeable. A clean, thin finish ensues. A bit out of nowhere, everything is gone. No aftertaste, which was a shame as the flavors were really good before magically disappearing. Anyway, very nice beer. Since I just reviewed Lagunitas Imperial Red yesterday, I will make the comparison and declare that one the winner. Not by a lot but definitive! Check both out for yourself, side by side, and blind, and report back to me here.

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