Friday, March 30, 2012

Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout

Today I'm drinking Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout brewed by Jester King Craft Brewery in Austin, Texas. First and foremost, thanks to my traveling coworker for bringing this back from a Houston business trip. It ain't easy packing four wine-sized bottles in your carry-on. (He didn't). Anyway, the silver and black colors and makeup on the Gene Simmons KISS wannabe on the front are pretty cool. I did a little research (Google Images) to find that the face painting on this guy is a little different (and he probably doesn't have quite the tongue either). But I bet he's in a KISS cover band for sure!

Another reason to like the label is that it goes the entire way around the bottle. No real estate is wasted for communicating their message to you. There is a story panel that lets you know this beer has many aliases and talks about it being a "punishing brew". Read the rest to your left. The third panel gives you the ingredients and suggests you drink this between 57 and 61°F from a horn. I didn't have a horn, though I am considering this pair of horns from Amazon for next time (affiliate link).

I am halfway into the wine bottle. I am not sure how, but I'm a little buzzed too, a little surprising for me at only half of a 9% alcohol bottle, even of this size. But luckily I already wrote down most of my thoughts. Pardon any really bad jokes though.

I like the head, which I almost never comment about. It is a light brown, mocha-colored fluffy fun head. LOL. Nice aroma--cocoa powder and plums, fairly rich, with some nutty and hoppy contributors. Cocoa flavors are first but are coupled with distinct Belgian yeast qualities. Plums and dark cherries. Smoke, roasted malt, wood. Some flat coffee flavors, too, which I didn't love. Pretty complex beer for sure.

There are a few other flavors that I found most interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever used the word leather in a review. Probably, but likely I was making fun of someone for using it. But for real, this beer has a flavor like church shoes. The second interesting flavor is salt. This beer tastes salty. Finally, a little sourness creeps into the picture mid-bottle. I didn't notice that at first, but just a touch of that is here. Not sure I really loved any of these, but I think they are fun to talk about.

The 9% alcohol provided a little heat in the throat, but mostly just got me buzzed. Not a bad beer with plenty of nice flavors. I personally think there is too much going on in this beer and that some of the components collide rather than marry each other. I also think it's missing a little sweetness as the hoppy bitterness is a factor. But it is definitely different than your typical imperial stout. The label does say, "we brew what we like... and offer the rest to those who share our tastes." Thanks for sharing, Jester King! I will be back.

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