Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dos Costas Oeste Lemon Wood

Today I'm drinking Dos Costas Oeste aged on Lemon Wood. This is a collaboration beer between The Bruery and Cigar City Brewing, brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. I enjoyed and reviewed the version aged on Grapefruit Wood about six weeks ago as well. The label on the wine-sized bottle again depicts a map of the US with a winding path from California to Florida, brewery to brewery.

Nice aroma with bright lemon and orange citrus standing out. Yeast is also a very noticeable factor in the bouquet. Flavors are also great from the beginning. Fruity, juicy orange and sweet candied lemon rind are really terrific. Upper-level carbonation contributes to the experience from the start, creamy and with some zip.

Honey flavors and sweetness usher in the spices listed on the bottle, though I taste the coriander much more than the ginger. The spices nicely knock down the sweetness a bit. Fruit and citrus persist throughout. The 9% alcohol is well-disguised but really steps up when it comes to accentuating the fruit flavors. A little heat too.

Yeast is there. Same with light funk. But both are really tame and definitely not wild. Was hoping for a little more Saison funky qualities in my glass. I guess if you try, you can find some wood, though I'd have never guessed lemon wood. However, there is a ton of lemon flavor in the beer, so I guess that's the source. A bit sugary and even sweeter with warmth, which is why I preferred it a little more toward the beginning. Also, a little dry at the end. Very nice beer! Highly enjoyable!

Speaking of Cigar City, I bumped into the very sexy Phil fka @DosBeerigos at Total Wine yesterday. In fact, we bumped into each other right at the same spot we first met a few years back, by the classroom. How romantic! Phil works for Cigar City now. Feel free to stop by the new Whole Foods in Pembroke Pines this Saturday 3/31/12 for a beer tasting. If you say "Beer Drinker Rob" to Phil, you wont win anything, but you will get a priceless smile. Guaranteed!

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