Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ghost Face Killah

Today I'm "drinking" Ghost Face Killah "brewed" by Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder, Colorado. The label claims this to be the "hottest beer this side of hell" while concluding its story with "keep away from children and the tepid of tongue". The artwork depicts a shiny silver skeleton mask with flames pouring from his skull. He is holding a chili pepper while a fire rages behind him.

Aroma is straight up hot peppers, bell peppers, vegetables and earth. Sniff a little too close and you may singe some nostril hairs. OK. Just as expected. There is a horrid hotness that burns the lips and throat right out of the gate. I will say that the aftertaste is nothing hotter than any other spicy meal you've probably tried. But let me ask you a question... Do you just drink Tobasco? I didn't think so. Drinking liquid burn with no food to go with it is asinine! Feel free to quote me on that.

There is a faintly sweet fruity orange delivery system that eases the spicy peppery burn. That may be the only redeeming quality. I drank a few ounces, and I could have easily finished the entire bottle, but I decided to utilize the rest of it in my stir fry for dinner. After all, $4 is way too much to waste for a gimmick dump, which this otherwise would have been. If you must try this because curiosity has the best of you, make sure you have 11 friends, if you catch my drift. Just stupid! I better not regret drinking this later in the afternoon.

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