Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He'Brew Hop Manna IPA

Today I'm drinking He'Brew Hop Manna IPA brewed by Shmaltz Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, New York. This is a new beer for 2012, "celebrating 15 years of delicious beer & delicious shtick". I was recently sent this 22 ounce sample by the brewery.

The label is very busy, packed with banners and slogans and stories. In the background there is a giant hop bud, but it's definitely just wallpaper for all the words. The story on the side tells the Biblical story of the Jews being freed by Pharaoh, but only after the plagues destroyed him. Go ahead and read it and how Shmaltz ties this beer into the story. Then go open your Bibles to Exodus and read on.

Pretty big head. A really nice aroma immediately fills the air while pouring. Tangerine citrus with some tropical hints, very enjoyable to smell. A doughy scent adds more interest. Floral, lightly spicy, very fresh. I could certainly smell this for a while longer.

The flavors very much match the aroma. Plenty of citrus flavors take over in the beginning, orange mostly. Those initial flavors have plenty of hops and bitterness, 65 IBUs worth, but a doughy malty balance comes right on its heels. Some pine and a bit of spicy black pepper come next. The 6.8% alcohol isn't really very noticeable. Nice carbonation and body. As you progress to the finish, Hop Manna is a little astringent and just a little soapy, but that didn't take away from an overall refreshing and enjoyable beer. I liked it! Check it out!

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