Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thrash Metal Farmhouse Ale

Today I'm drinking Thrash Metal Farmhouse Ale brewed by Jester King Craft Brewery in Austin, Texas. This brewery has been receiving some accolades and chatter for a while now, so I took advantage of a buddy's trip to Houston for a beer "bring-back". Thanks again! Also thanks again to Twitter Dave for the store recommendation. The brewery purposely wrote and crossed out "Strong" before ale, signaling that it really doesn't give two shits about style guidelines. Bravo! In fact, Beer Advocate spits in their face and calls it a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. I'm guessing it's a mutt.

Anyway, the label on my wine bottle is interesting. The long-blonde, feather-haired, pissed-off dude with the lips (remind you of anyone?) that takes up most of the main label panel is just weird. To me, the artwork is not crisp and kind of half-assed. Perhaps that is due to the brewery being rookies, a fact I can totally appreciate. I'll go with that.

Second panel has some weird "song" that starts with "Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug-Zug!" Yep, 16 Zugs before it really gets weird. WTF? Read it for yourself and tell me where I'm missing some pop-culture cues. A little story follows.

Finally, a third panel (and bravo for using the entire circumference of the bottle, love that) offers their ingredients and stats. OG 1.077. Alc/Vol 9.3%. Serve 50-55°F. 35% organic ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans (insert joke, LOL). They then give some tasting expectations. Wow. I am out of typing breath. Let's get to the beer.

Fruity aroma, tropical peach and citrus orange. There is also quite the basket of yeast and funk. Finally the sweet smell of candy corn alternating with the tangy smell of sweet tarts rounds out a very interesting bouquet. What do you think about that?

Tart tangerines and clementines very boldly hit your palate in the beginning. Funky, yeasty, musty flavors also hit you hard (in a good way) at the same time, very prominent. Hello 9.3% alcohol, a little too openly unincorporated, at least in the first few sips. That same alcohol also really drives and marries the fruit and funk.

Next come some hoppy bitterness and citrus flavors. They start to be more apparent after you drink a few sips and "the funk sinks in". The citrus flavors really clean off the palate, leaving little aftertaste at all. The finish is also pretty dry. Nice, creamy carbonation. Decent body. Refreshing, even on a weird day that started at 86° when I entered my church and was 64° when I came out 90 minutes later. I guess "weird" is the theme here.

In the end, this was an enjoyable beer. I think it was different than most saisons and most pale ales, the hybrid I'm sure the brewery wanted to hit. Funky, hoppy, enjoyable. Grab one if you can! BTW, if you are local or visiting South Florida, I have an invitation for you to Easter Sunday Service in Miramar (or any Sunday if you are reading this later on). Leave a comment or email me

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