Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Night Honey Cream Ale -- FloriBrew Guest Post

I was going to save this guest review for when I'm on vacation next week, but whatever, I do what I want! This review was sent to me by Twitter friend Mike, who recently joined my "People I've Met in Real Life" list after meeting him at Funky Buddha a few weeks ago. Like Mike's Twitter handle, he also uses FloriBrew for the name of his blog. Check it out, then sit back and enjoy his beer review.

Wild Night Honey Cream Ale

This is beer is brewed by Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville, Florida. As the name suggests, it's a cream ale with honey added to it. Swamp Head uses Florida Tupelo Honey from the swamps of Northwest Florida because of its taste and purity.

This beer was very pale yellow in color and had very little head.The aroma had a little sweetness to it with a slight honey scent. Wild Night is a very drinkable brew with a light taste. It's pretty mild and there is a bit of honey sweetness surrounded by a grass-like flavor. This is not a really hoppy beer and the carbonation is in the mild to medium range. While the alcohol level is a tad high at 5.9% it was not noticable at all.

Wild Night is a beer that you can sit and drink all afternoon on a hot day. I could imagine myself drinking this out by the pool on a July afternoon or while cutting the lawn.

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