Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anchor Bock Beer

Today I'm drinking Anchor Bock Beer brewed by Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, California. I honestly couldn't remember if I had ever reviewed this beer before, so after I wrote down my thoughts, I went back and looked around. Apparently I did check this out before back in August, 2009. I guess it's due another look.

There is a little story on the neck label about the history of the bock style. The main label depicts a goat with a hop bine in its mouth. Very quaint, I think trying to tie it to this traditional style of beer. Total Wine sticker date 4/4/2012.

Sweet, malty, "bocky", nutty aroma with a caramel and figgy raisin component. Sweet caramel flavors to start. But the secondary flavors taste kind of funny. Ashy dryness meets an unpleasant dose of metallic bitterness. Some roast and hints of raisins come next. A bit thinner than I had expected. A hoppy balance comes toward the end and tones that initial sweetness. The beer actually finishes a little bitter. Not terrible but some flavors are a little put-off. I'd move on.

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