Monday, April 2, 2012

Aprihop 2012

Today I'm drinking the latest edition of Aprihop brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. This will be the fourth year in a row I've checked this out. Here is the review from 2011. Each year while drinking this beer, I seem to be eagerly awaiting the Dogfish art prints that go with their seasonal beers. And this year I am super excited to meet Audrey Aprihop, the first work created by Tara McPherson.

So far, I've learned to used Facebook (gasp) and have been stalking the Dogfish store for signs of the print going on sale. You see, I think that this artist has some loyal following like Marq Spusta did two years ago and that I might need to act quickly to make my purchase. Just ask The Goddess of Gear at Dogfish if I haven't been on the annoying side, looking for some clues to the release. All I know is "pretty soon". This beer was Bottled In: 2012D.

Very fruity aroma with strong apricots and a good dose of piney and spicy hops. Juicy sweet apricot flavors hit the palate right away, quite fruity. But the underlying IPA stands out an instant later. Pine, orange citrus, floral and grassy hoppiness. This really is reminiscent of their signature 60 Minute IPA, experimental style.

Some hoppy spiciness starts to show through after about half the bottle, really lasting long into the finish. The finish is also a bit dryer and shows some of the 7% alcohol. Carbonation is high and prickly, accentuating much of the profile. Definitely refreshing. Though I am partial to 60 Minute IPA (by a lot), I will continue to check this out on an annual basis. After all, my woman Audrey would stand for nothing less!

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