Monday, April 23, 2012

Founding Fathers Lager

Today I'm drinking Founding Fathers Lager brewed by Founding Fathers Beer in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. When I think Latrobe, I think Rolling Rock. Hopefully this is a better beer. The label depicts three Founding Fathers, and don't even get me started on President Ben Franklin!!! The slogan, "Keeping America strong one beer at a time" shows above them, and the brewery lets you know that 50% of all profits are donated to the families of the US military. Cool!

Grainy aroma with a nice lemony hoppiness. Sweet grain, very pleasant, and a way richer body than I had anticipated. There is also a nice light soft apricot flavor that is quite pleasant. Cleansing and fresh. Now it might be my Boston Lager serving glass adding to my perception, but I taste a little of that herbal character in this beer as well.

Carbonation is good. Lightly sweet but not overdone. I was totally expecting a gimmick beer but this was pretty flavorful and good. Try it yourself.

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