Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hop Noir

Today I'm drinking Hop Noir Black India Pale Ale brewed by Peak Organic Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. The label is very simple with a black and gray pattern behind the name of the beer. "Pure ingredients, delicious beer." Best Enjoyed Before December, 2012.

Cocoa powder aroma with quite a bit of citrus there too. The aroma does leave me in anticipation. Chocolate and coffee flavors start things off. Also very creamy. Then POW! Lemony bitterness and a ton of herbal tea take over. Those flavors are followed by some strange charred roasty ash mixed with coffee grounds. Oh, and bitter still, in a sort of unpleasant way.

Lots of citrus, which was good but the cigar mouth and ash really ruined my IPA. The 8.2% alcohol also was a little more noticeable than desired, especially toward the finish. I don't know. I'm hit or miss with these Black IPA's, mostly miss as I don't find them to really be anything like an IPA. I guess they just aren't my thing. Regardless, this was a miss for me.


Allen Huerta said...

I feel that way about a lot of IPAs. Everybody makes them but they just don't hit that spot. I haven't had many flavorful CDA/BIPAs.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I just don't like that malty burnt flavor matched up with IPA bitterness. It's like mixing milk and OJ.