Sunday, April 22, 2012

OBP Toasted Coconut Porter

Today I'm drinking OBP Toasted Coconut Porter brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina. Thomas Creek appears to have contract brewed this one for OBP, just as they did for OBP's more well-known beer, Orange Blossom Pilsner.

The label shows a coconut being toasted in a fire while a few tikis look on in approval. A little story on the label sets your expectations, letting you know you should be ready for a "complex and exotic brew".

Roasted coffee aroma with distinct coconut and faint cocoa scents too. Sweet mocha and coffee are the main flavors in the beginning. Smooth and very nice, though the body is a little thin. The advertised coconut is not dominant but it certainly plays a nice and interesting supporting role. I liked that nuanced touch. Lightly roasted. Good balance. Enjoyable. Would be a good one to take to a party.

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