Friday, April 13, 2012

Serious Madness Black Ale

Today I'm drinking Serious Madness Black Ale brewed by Mad River Brewing Company in Blue Lake, California. "Silky Smooth & Sublime. From the Heart of Humboldt." The label is pretty laid back for a name like this. There is a thumbnail of a lightning bolt that I suppose is there to show you just how "mad" this beer really is. Ooh!

Nice roasted aroma, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, very inviting. Chocolaty smooth and silky to start, creamy. But that's where things start to get ugly. Ashy burnt flavors step up next. Roasted coffee and a touch of charcoal ash blow in your mouth. You then finish with an unexpected astringent bitter unpleasantness that takes you to the end. Thick body until the 8.2% alcohol steps in at the end just a little too prominently, one small shiver. Dry roasty finish. Carbonation was OK. Not horrible, just not that enjoyable.

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