Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#9 Not Quite Pale Ale

Today I'm drinking #9 Not Quite Pale Ale brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, Vermont. My history with this beer is kind of interesting. When I first tried it back at the beginning of 2010, I felt it was a bit "meh". But then I had it again as part of a Dinner Tasting at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza just a few months ago. And I found it to be quite enjoyable and great with the food being served.

So why am I drinking it again? Well, I was sent a can of it by the brewery. I need to read the materials that came with it, but I'm thinking the can part might be new. It certainly is a cool can. Orange and silver with really fun background designs. "Drink Me" on both sides of the can reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I decided to drink it anyway.

Definite apricot-dominated aroma, interesting. Apricot flavors with a nice hoppy bitterness. The End!

Actually, I could have finished there, but I like to hear myself write way too much! This is totally a fruity pale ale. Earthy, dry unripe fruit aspect. You must like apricots or you will hate this beer. But honestly I've come around to find it enjoyable to an extent. Crisp and refreshing. Not a favorite but I can understand why people like it!


Bajuna Jewelry and Custom Beaded Creations said...

I really like Magic Hat #9. Really interesting to see it in a can. I guess it will stack in the fridge and take up less space! Does it taste the same in the can? I like the cute sayings inside the bottle caps. Did they print any little messages anywhere? It still looks really good!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Kathy. How are you? Ed Roberts tells me that the cans come in 12 packs for summer. Yes, they taste the same. Drank both from a glass. I didn't see any of the little cutsey sayings on the can, so that may be lost, not sure.